The UN renews the mandate for Minusma for one year, Mali

On Wednesday, June 30, the UN Security Council renewed Minusma’s mandate for one year. No major change for the peacekeeping force, but the UN will need to publish a study in January to assess the mission and its needs, in the context of the transitional government and the departure of the French and European forces. If Paris has abandoned the insurance flights to Minusma, the litigation in the hearing has focused on mentions of human rights.

as reported from New York, Carrie Nooten

It is a reappointment which was a real balancing act. Because Bamako got maintenance of the UN forcethe abandonment of French aid flights to Minusma and the indirect stigma Wagner mercenaries in the text. And yet, Mali said it was still dissatisfied with the final resolution after the vote: the capital announced that it would not withdraw from it.

All this in the name of territorial integrity: there is no doubt for Mali that the Minusma forces have freedom of movement or freedom to investigate on the abuses committed This must be done with the prior approval of the Malian government, Bamako’s representative insisted.

In support, Russia and China had abstained from voting for renewal minutes earlier and defended the Malian position throughout the negotiations with the United States and Britain.

For this Western bloc, it is complicated to fund a peacekeeping force in Mali without respecting the human rights criteria defined by the UN. They received the inscription in the text of a quarterly report from Minusma on the issue. This should crystallize the positions in the coming months.

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