The UN confirms the involvement of Malian and “white” soldiers

According to a UN report, the Malian army and “white soldiers” are involved in the death in early March in Mali of 33 civilians, including 29 Mauritanians and 4 Malians, in the region of Ségou, near the border with Mauritania. Their disappearance had infuriated the Mauritanian authorities, who had carried out a joint investigation into this tragedy with the authorities in Bamako. The results, at the beginning of August, have not been published. Mali has always denied these accusations against its army.

The testimonies collected by the group of experts tell how white soldiers arrived in the village of Robinet El Ataye, frequented by Malian and Mauritanian shepherds for its well, how the latter gathered the men, including the teenagers, tied their hands behind their backs and blindfolded. , while women and children were ordered to go home and not look, then looted homes.

A group of FAMA (Malian Armed Forces) then arrived, beat the bound men with “the sticks used by the shepherds”, then freed the youngest and took away 33 men –29 Mauritanians and 4 Malians.

The next day, relatives discovered their bodies, 4 km away. They had been shot and then burned.

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This pattern of looting and beatings was repeated without deaths in five other villages in the area on 5 and 6 March.

Witnesses in the UN report twice mention a helicopter with white-skinned soldiers. Russian mercenaries from the Wagner group are regularly suspected of abuses against civilians in Mali.

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