the Top Minister earlier than the CNT

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On Friday, 19 February, Moctar Ouane presented the government’s action plan for the transition period. This Monday, February 22, members of the National Transitional Council (CNT), the legislature for the transition, were invited to question the head of government on this very close action plan, divided into 6 axes and 23 goals ranging from governance to security. Great ambitions, which inevitably raise many questions and doubts. Was the Prime Minister able to answer that? Journalist asked the question to members of the CNT.

On several occasions, the Prime Minister has been questioned about the funding of his very ambitious action plan. Answer: partly by the national budget, partly by seeking foreign partners.

“No numbers or detailed chronogram” laments a CNT member from a political party who nonetheless shows his willingness to support the transition as best he can.

“If it is necessary to mobilize the partners, it is because it has not yet been acquired,” notes another member of civil society, who considers this situation worrying given the tight deadlines for the transition.

Another major concern is re-reading2015 peace agreement. Some members of the CNT believed that this work should be carried out by legitimate, non-transitional authorities; others asked the Prime Minister what would happen if certain signed armed groups opposed it. Response from Moctar Ouane: this re-reading is provided in the Transition Charter and in the recommendations of the inclusive national dialogue, a way of settling the debate that seduced the proponents of this re-reading and which clearly less convinced the others.

Dialogue with radical groups

Another concern for CNT members is the dialogue announced with radical, jihadist and Malian groups. Does it affect the Islamic State and the AQIM Group, in particular its leaders Iyad Ag Ghaly and Amadou Kouffa?

“He did not answer this question,” notes a member of the CNT who believes the head of government was embarrassed.

It must be said that the exercise, which was to inform the Malians and assure them of the intentions of the government, was necessarily dangerous. Moctar Ouane himself acknowledged that he could not answer all the questions put to him and urged CNT members to speak to the ministers concerned.

We, members of the National Transition Council, will take on our role as control, our role as a sentry, our role as guardian of the development of the transition.

The Prime Minister, who was questioned by the CNT about his program

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