the shadow Blaise Compaoré hangs over the countryside


The presidential and legislative elections will take place on Sunday, November 22, in Burkina Faso. Two themes dominate the election campaign, insecurity and reconciliation. All candidates, including President Kaboré, make this reconciliation one of the priorities of their program. And many promise that former President Blaise Compaoré will return if elected.

With our special correspondent in Ouagadougou, Carine Frenk

Driven from power in 2014 after 27 years of rule thanks to the popular uprising, Blaise Compaoré has since lived in exile on the Ivory Coast. In 2015, his side seemed to turn. Those who wanted to help him change the constitution so that he could stand were excluded from the vote and no one mentioned his name. Today, the question of his return to the debate among many voters is driving. “Blaise Compaoré just needs to return to his country, it’s normal, it’s his country, everyone will have peace,” this voter thinks. “I sincerely regret the resignation of Mr Blaise Compaoré, a voter admits. When he was in power, there was no case of terrorism. The country was stable, there was peace.”

An insult to the people …

For this Ouagalais, it is not possible to return to the former president. “There were people who died before he left. To accept that he will return simply without compensation, I believe it is to insult the Burkinabé people. “

For analyst Siaka Coulibaly, it’s not just a matter of nostalgia. “In addition to nostalgia, of pure pragmatism, many believe that we must erase the country’s debts. That is why the idea of ​​reconciliation is an idea that is being taken up by all 13 candidates. They feel that there is a thirst within the population to put an end to this harmful situation in the country. ”

Since his exile in Abidjan, Blaise Compaoré has been silent but he is present in many senses and gives rise to many calculations.

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