The Russian paramilitary group Wagner would be present in

The Russian paramilitary group Wagner is indeed present in Sudan, despite official denials, and has even committed murders on the Central African side of the border with southern Darfur. The Darfur Bar Association, an organization that monitors human rights in the region, confirmed this on Friday, June 24, after testimonies about this have been published in foreign press in recent months.

Photographs will show them in cafes, on the streets, in the bush around the Sudanese city of Um Dafuq, on the border with the Central African Republic. This time, Darfur’s Bar Association says they have evidence of the presence in the region of Russian mercenaries from the Wagner Group.

In addition to supporting the paramilitary forces of the rapid support forces, the latter are already there notoriously present and operating north of Khartoum, in the al-Ibediyya refinery, on the Nile, after Atbara. In this industrial complex, a factory is run by Meroe Gold, a Sudanese company run by a Russian businessman close to Wagner’s boss.

But in the south of the country, Wagner is accused of taking part in a series of murders on the Central African side of the border since March last year. Dozens of miners from Niger, Chad, Sudan and CAR were executed by Russian mercenaries, according to testimonies collected by several media outlets, including RFI.

The Sudanese authorities systematically deny this information, but without responding in detail. Finance Minister Jibril Ibrahim said last week “know nothing about this company”. The leader of the rapid reaction forces and the vice-president of the ruling military council, the famous general Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, known as Hemedti, however, does not hide its proximity with the Kremlin: everywhere in the gold sectorhe had also visited Moscow at the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine.

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