the ruling junta responds to criticism from the president for

The Ivorian diplomat, chairman of the ECOWAS commission, criticized the Guinean military’s decision after the September 5 coup to remain in power for three years before being returned to civilians. “The best transitions are the shortest possible transitions,” said Jean-Claude Kassi Brou.

as reported from Conakry, Mouctar Bah

The new authorities in Conakry are not happy with the recent departure of the President of the ECOWAS Commission, Ivorian Jean-Claude Kassi Brou. on the transition to Guinea and they made it known.

“Surprised, even disappointed” “We were surprised, even disappointed in a way by this speech. Normally, Mr Brou speaks after the Conference of Heads of State. There he allowed himself to comment even before the Heads of State could meet,” explains Ousmane Gaoual Diallo.

And the spokesman for the Guinean government adds: “We had received information that ECOWAS would send a commission to Guinea that would listen to the authorities, listen to political parties, listen to civil society. To take into account the context of Guinea.”

To despair of the debate The Minister’s Secretary General of the Republic’s Presidency, Colonel Amara Camara, invites everyone to calm down and to drop the debate: “Often when you are passionate you lose your mind and you can be on the wrong track. certain level of responsibility reduce the passion of the debate and move towards responsibility.When I speak specifically about Mr Brou, I do not think, in my humble opinion, that he is the person who should give these lessons of respect or anything else to Guinea.

For the government spokesman, it was in front of these Cédéo diplomats that the former regime committed what the opponents of the time called the Constitution in March 2020. At the time, a constitutional referendum boycotted by the opposition paved the way for a third term for Alpha Condé.

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