the release of jihadist fighters worries the families of the victims

Three days of national mourning were adopted from Thursday after the attack on a security force post in the center of the country, resulting in civilian and military casualties. In Mali, terrorist attacks continue after the release of jihadist or suspected jihadist prisoners. The families of the victims are witnesses.

as reported from Bamako,

A year ago, the Malian army suffered one of the deadliest attacks in its history. The deaths have been counted in the hundreds for several years and families are worried.

“The bad people who killed my son were told they were being released. Those who have been released are more than a hundred. It’s too much for one person. Honestly, it hurts me. After their release, they can look for other people to carry out attacks. I am not the only one and I think everyone is afraid of this situation. ”

For his brother it is for the love of his country that he is committed, but the war has lasted too long. “You have to do everything to find solutions and come to an understanding. Otherwise, too many Malians died! ”

The same applies to Aminata Dicko, President of Mali of the Kisal Observatory, an organization for the defense and protection of human rights in the Sahel. “These are populations, they can not take it anymore, they can no longer because they want a return of the state, they want an administrative return, they want schools and centers reopened. health and, above all, have access to development projects. ”

Whether it is about the release of hostages or for more comprehensive negotiations with terrorists, the issue of dialogue is on everyone’s lips for an effective return to peace.