the race against time continues to save eight

In Burkina, rescue efforts continue at the Perkoa zinc mine in the central western part of the country. A work against the clock to try to evacuate the waves that flooded the underground galleries in this mine on April 16. Eight workers – six Burkinabes, a Tanzanian and a Zambian – are still missing, trapped in one of the mine’s galleries. The Minister of Labor was present at the beginning of the week to follow the progress of the research.

Rescue teams received electric pumps from South Africa and Ghana. These machines allow them to evacuate the water faster. Moussa Palenfo, director of the mining company Nantou: “The new pumps we install are pumps with large capacity, the water pumping has developed a lot, during the last 24 hours we have pumped 3,300,000 liters of water, which allowed us to free up space. About 2 , 8 meters and for us we have to go fast, we have to reach this refuge to see if they are there and give them help.

Rescuers have reached a depth of 580 meters … this is the level where there is a sanctuary to protect workers in the event of a landslide, fire or flood.

Colleagues and relatives of the victims hope that 8 workers could take shelter there. Like Antoine Bama, whose brother is trapped in this mine. We hope that they could at least find themselves in this refuge and then we also hope that this refuge will not have been damaged, it is true that we can not be 100% safe but we still have hope. “

No certainty at this stage about the workers’ chances of survival. The floods damaged the electrical systems and since April 16, no radio contact has been established with the miners trapped in the galleries.

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