The prosecution chamber have to rule in

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Former Prime Minister Boubou Cissé and several high-ranking officials from Malian institutions are being prosecuted for their participation in an alleged plot against the state. In late December, several personalities including radio colonist Ras Bath were arrested by state security and Malian intelligence services. They have been in detention since Malian justice has instituted proceedings against them. The defense attorneys are asking for immediate cancellation of the case. This Tuesday morning, the Bamako Court of Appeal is due to give its decision.

“A company destabilizing the transitional institutions”, “acts of a subversive nature”: they are seven accused, including five in detention for two months.

Radio columnist Ras Bath, according to the prosecution’s indictment, would have made remarks aimed at “tarnishing the image of the transitional authorities”, in particular President Bah N’Daws targeting remarks that were considered insulting, in order to “radicalize positions” of trade unions then striking , and to “discredit the defense and security forces”.

As for the former Prime Minister Boubou Cissé, who is currently hiding somewhere in Mali, he is accused of having held night meetings to organize the fall of the regime and funded trade unions opposed to the transition as well as ritual sacrifices, sacrifices allegedly brought together with the help of the former Secretary-General of the Presidency, Sékou Traoré, also targeted by the procedure. Given his status as a judge and his position as Secretary-General of the Presidency with the rank of Minister, Sékou Traoré has remained free.

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But a week ago, the prosecution in the prosecution chamber, which represents the public prosecutor and therefore defends the interests of the Malian community, took over the defense demands and even demanded “the cancellation of the procedure and the abolition of obligations”, ie release, of the detainees.

“We are sure, the lawyer assures one of the defendants, if the Advocate General himself acknowledges that the case is empty and that state security committed error, there is no reason why the prosecution does not follow suit. “Position shared by another defense lawyer, adding that we, depending on the significance of the decision taken this morning,” really know if there is a political intrusion in this legal process.

The other people affected by this procedure are Vital Robert Diop, Director – General of the Malian PMU, Aguibou Tall, Deputy Director – General of the State Agency Agefau and half-brother of Boubou Cissé, as well as Mahamadou Koné and Souleymane Kansaye, two senior officials of the Malian government. treasury.


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