the primary doses of Ebola vaccine are

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In Guinea, WHO Ebola vaccines finally arrived in Conakry on Monday night after a long journey. Originally scheduled for Sunday, the flight was delayed due to bad weather conditions. 11,360 doses of Merck vaccine have therefore arrived.

as reported from Conakry, Carol Valade

On the asphalt of Conakry Airport it is around noon. 20, when a small propeller plane permeates the fog. On board, 11,300 doses of Merck vaccine, already used to contain the virus Ebola and DRC. These thousands of doses should be used to contain the spread of the virus if the resurgence at the beginning of the year claimed the lives of 5 people.

“In the boxes, it is the vaccines against Ebola, the Merck vaccine more precisely, that arrived tonight. They were supposed to arrive yesterday, but unfortunately for climatic reasons the plane could not land, so it was necessary to intervene many personalities, so this plane is there tonight to deposit these vaccines that had been waiting for, ”explains, relieved, Dr. Sakoba Keïta, Director General of the National Agency for Health Security.

Reason for the delay: a thick dust in suspension for a few days in Conakry’s atmosphere. When the first flight did not land on Sunday, mining logistics company UMS organized a last-minute return flight to Dakar.

“The next step is that the vaccines will be deployed in the field in the theater in response to operations in Nzérékoré tomorrow and in all the places where they will be needed to protect patients’ contacts and thus surround the spread of this epidemic. not only concerns Guinea but also neighboring countries “, describes Georges Ki-Zerbo, WHO Representative in Guinea

The vaccination campaign in Gouecké, the episode of the epidemic, in Nzérékoré, the regional capital as well as in Conakry, where a patient is hospitalized, began Tuesday.


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