the police station in Dassari, in the north of the country, attacked

In Benin, a second police station in the north of the country was attacked in two months. An armed group targeted the Dassari police station this Sunday, not far from the Burkina Faso border and more than 600 kilometers north of Cotonou.

as reported from Cotonou, Jean-Luc Aplogan

The preliminary report shows that 2 policemen were killed, two terrorists were neutralized and one policeman was injured. Dassari Police Station, in the northern part of Benign, was attacked just before 2am this Sunday morning by an armed group, whose men all arrived on motorcycles. They remained at the site for a long time, local sources say they heard heavy gunfire for very long minutes. And pictures circulating on social networks show bullet holes on the police station’s facade.

The army was alerted to support the police in their response. It sent to the site of the attack its reserve unit located in Porga, about twenty kilometers from the targeted police station. Upon arrival, the task force found the attackers inside the police station. In the yard, seized motorcycles were set on fire by parts of the armed group. Two prisoners in the cells were rescued by the soldiers.

“The enemy has been directed,” assures a security source in the middle of the morning. The task force conducted searches on Sunday and did not want to take any risks in the dark night. The attack has not been claimed at the moment and the Beninese authorities have not yet spoken.

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