the opposition coalition in Dakar does not risk

Yewwi Askan The Wi-List, a coalition created around Ousmane Sonko and Khalifa Sall, risks being challenged for lack of respect for parity. Dakar Mayor Barthélémy Dias condemned a “conspiracy”. The stakes are high: seven parliamentary seats (out of 165) are at stake, in a division where Yewwi Askan Wi won clear victories in the last local elections.

as reported from Dakar, Charlotte Idrac

The Directorate-General for Elections (DGE) refused, on the morning of Monday 16 May, to change the Yewwi Askan Wi list submitted last week to the Dakar Ministry. According to the coalition representative, Déthié Fall, who tried to assert “disclaimers”, the DGE declared itself “incompetent”.

On the list that circulated on social networks are seven candidates, of which only two are women, which therefore goes against the law on parity. So what happened? Clumsiness or sabotage?

According to Déthié Fall, it was not the list that had been completed at the start: “We had given instructions to Saliou Sarr by giving him my stamp so that he could take care of archiving the list”, he assures and the person concerned – a relative of Khalifa Sall – would have been “misled” by agents of the Directorate – General for Elections.

In a statement, Saliou Sarr condemned “false accusations”. Currently no comment from Khalifa Sall or Ousmane Sonko in this case.

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In addition, regarding the majority list, Benno Bokk Yakaar, opposition officials believe that it should be recalibrated because the presidential coalition, according to them, has submitted more sponsorships than required.

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