The Nigerian military denies the conquest of its base

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This weekend, military sources told our colleagues from Agence France Presse that this base in northeastern Nigeria had been attacked and occupied since Friday by jihadist groups suspected of being affiliated with the Islamic State group in South Africa. ‘West before it was taken over by a mission this Sunday.

The Islamic State in West Africa even claimed responsibility for the attack, claiming to have killed seven soldiers and captured eight others.

For Major General John Enenche, coordinator of communications operations for the defense, it is a campaign of misinformation, this base has never been occupied:

“We are in Marte. They never took that position. In Marte, we have a military stance that the jihadists intended to attack. We received the information last week, Wednesday. We had the intelligence, and we withheld them. When they came to attack us, we attacked them, and of course they responded. Our ground troops were supported by the air forces. It was 6 o’clock Friday night.

We had a good fight. Several of them were neutralized, killed with, of course, a number of corpses of children that one cannot count. This is what happened. And while I’m talking to you, we’re there to push our advantage and take control of the whole area. The Borno government has given us help to distribute to the people and that is what we will do on Monday. ”


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