the new prime minister primarily wants to modernize the country

Prime Minister Victoire Sidémèho Tomégah-Dogbé went to parliament on Friday for the general political statement. A program that she wants to focus on development and modernization.

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as reported from Lomé,

Victoire Sidémèho Tomégah-Dogbé presented her program to a parliament that won over to her case. A program that commits the government to work with more efficiency, more speed in severity in finding solutions to Togolese’s daily concerns, as the Prime Minister said: “We are working to mobilize internal resources better, especially by supporting ourselves digitally.”

Focus all on development

Not a word about the political debate, everything is geared towards development. But the president of the Union of the Forces of Change parliamentary group secretly slips him the pursuit of political reforms before giving him his support: “The government must continue its efforts and promote dialogue so that political debates leave the streets for good. The culture of discussion and the democratic values ​​must take root. ”

95 deputies voted unanimously to give their confidence to the new prime minister and her government. Of the 33 ministerial portfolios, 10 are owned by women. The Ministry of Armed Forces was entrusted to a woman, a bank manager.

The appointment of Victoire Sidémèho Tomégah-Dogbé, a woman, head of government, is in the eyes of opponents, “a farce and a straightforward non-event”, as historian and member of the ANC (Alliance Nationale pour le Change), Godwin Tété.


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