the new authorities hope for a speedy lifting of the ECOWAS embargo

ECOWA’s financial sanctions have hung over Bamako for a month and a half. This Thursday, the junta made new promises to the West African organization. The Transitional Charter has been published and the powers of the Transitional President, Colonel Assimi Goïta, leader of the Putschists on 18 August, are limited.

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In the heart of the Malian power, we do not hide our impatience. “We did what was necessary, we are now awaiting the good news,” a senior official close to the junta said this Friday morning.

ECOWAS did not want to hear in the transitional charter an opportunity for the vice president to one day replace the president. It is done, the Charter has taken this requirement into account. So, in principle, there are no more obstacles to lifting the embargo.

The president of Ghana, the current president of the economic community of the West African states, Nana Akufo-Addo, was, according to our information, this Friday afternoon in a telephone consultation with her peers. But sometimes the devil is still in the details: ECOWAS had also asked for the dissolution of the junta. It is not yet done.

In any case, all eyes are on Accra and Abuja, the seat of the ECOWAS Commission. And in Bamako, we are counting heavily on the rapid lifting of the embargo, which has been in place for a month and a half, and which is particularly plaguing the Malian economy.


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