The motion picture “Oloturé” is a success on Netflix

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This movie is a hit on Netflix: “Oloturé” by Kenneth Gyang tells how Nigerian journalist Toboré Ovuorie in 2013 sat in a prostitute’s shoe. And this after the death of a friend who went to prostitution in Europe, under the control of a mafia network.

Eight months of undercover investigation for a shock fiction: Oloturé reveals the monstrous reality of trafficking in women between Nigeria and Europe: acts of ill-treatment, violence of any kind, orgies organized by politicians and even organ trafficking. This stunning tale, released in 2019, inspired a Nigerian production company to adapt it to the screen.

Large amounts of money

The film shows the girls leaving Nigeria for Benin, the starting point for their trip to Europe, in exchange for huge sums of up to $ 70,000, which they must repay when they arrive. , the journey turns out to be much more dangerous than expected. The film saves us nothing from the violence inflicted on these women.

Sad reality

In real life, the journalist was able to escape the surveillance of human traffickers, a happy ending struggling to hide the sad reality because the vast majority of these women never return from this tragic journey.

The promotional video of the movie


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