the Minister of Reconciliation consults

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The traditional chiefs of the Sahel region were with the Minister of National Reconciliation. A meeting that addressed the concerns of the people of the Sahel and the process of national reconciliation. The emirs say they are concerned about the security situation in their region, where attacks are being repeated and approaching the town of Dori. They do not want the reconciliation process to turn into “the justice of victory” while asking for the return of the exiled Burkinabè.

as reported from Ouagadougou, Pedestrian Boudani

For the Prime Minister in charge of national reconciliation, this was to learn more about the specific problems, which led some Burkinabès to join armed groups, which jeopardized the cohesion of the various communities living in the Sahel.

“There are peoples who are now divorced from the nation,” laments Zéphirin Diabré. Which is indexed, put on the bench in society, especially in an area like the Sahel, where we really have the concentration of these societal problems there, and these problems associated with terrorism. At some point, you have to find a way to get back together. They are Burkinabé. We never agree with al-Qaida, ISIS, etc. They have a project that they say is political-religious, but that we can not agree on. ”

For the emirs, there are many expectations. In addition to social cohesion, security, education and development are lacking in the region. For Ousmane Amirou Dicko, Emir of the Kingdom of Liptako, national reconciliation must be a work of consensus. “The only way to reach an agreement is to unite everyone. The Prime Minister spoke of truth, justice and reconciliation. When we talk about justice, we need to be careful. That is, there must not just be justice for the victors. I pray that all our Burkinabè citizens will return. ”

Zéphirin Diabré specifies that impunity is not accepted during the process of national reconciliation, but no one will be humiliated.


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