The Minister of Justice wants to put an end to the arrests

In a memorandum addressed to the various prosecutors and heads of jurisdiction, the Guinean Keeper of the Seals takes a number of steps to clear prisons again.

This memo sounds like a cry from the heart. The Minister of Justice regrets the courts’ lack of resources: they are in “temporary shelters, unhealthy, without water, without electricity, without an operating budget and without prison”, we read in this note. Master Moriba Alain Koné also condemns “a very poor mastery of the laws”. Result: detention in preliminary investigation applied in a “quasi-systematic” way, even for minor offenses, the Minister of Justice regrets.

Promotional measures, but incomplete. The seal’s guard lists a series of instructions aimed at correcting all these problems: he especially demands that criminal hearings be held no later than 31 July; it also requests a list of all prisoners by jurisdiction, indicating the duration and reason for their detention. “Arrest, he emphasizes, must henceforth only be decided if absolutely necessary.”

Health measures, but incomplete. Guinea’s human rights organization, which works with citizens’ access to justice, calls for more resources to update legal infrastructures. Alseny Sall, spokesperson for OGDH: “The same issues raised by the Minister address our organization, namely the absence of logistical means of transporting prisoners. The majority of jurisdictions also say that they have the will to organize the trials, but that they do not have So there are not enough explanations, to solve the problem we also really need concrete policies.

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However, a $ 97 million reform plan for the legal sector has been in place since 2014 for ten years. “The criminal chain is not working”, condemns a source close to the file, who regrets that much of this reform was devoted to workshops, without renewing the legal infrastructure.

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