the Minister of Justice calls for legal proceedings against

Charles Wright, the Keeper of the Seals, sent a memo to the General Prosecutor at the Conakry Court of Appeal this Tuesday, August 2, asking the prosecutor to prosecute FNDC. This move comes after the imprisonment late last week of two FNDC officials.

“Defamation and disclosure of false information likely to undermine the public peace and safety and complicity in murder.” These are the orders issued by the Minister of Justice against the National Front for the Defense of the Constitution (FDNC), and in particular its representative, Sekou Koundouno.

Charles Wright criticizes the civil movement for “bringing serious charges” against the transitional president, Mamadi Doumbouya, accusing him of masterminding the repression. This, without the FNDC providing the slightest proof, specified the keeper of the seals.

This note from the Minister of Justice comes as the civil movement announced yesterday that it had seized the Attorney General of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to condemn the deadly repression of demonstrations and the violation of human rights in the country. To this complaint the FNDC attached a list of “repression masterminds”. And Mamadi Doumbouya is the first name mentioned.

Last week, the FNDC organized demonstrations when these had been banned. According to the authorities, the movement would have caused the loss of several lives, serious injuries and material damage. They also accuse the movement of using children under 10 for political purposes.

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