the midwives at Lougasjukhuset tried on 5 May

It is finally on May 5 that the midwives at Louga Hospital will be assessed in a special hearing. They are six, accused of negligence and non-help in danger after the death of Asnou Sokhna, this young woman who had succumbed to motherhood when she was about to give birth.

With the special correspondent for the RFI Fulfuldé editorial office in Louga, IBrahima Niang

The file was summoned by the court on Wednesday, April 27, but it was returned at the request of the lawyers of the civil party who did not have access to the file.

The six midwives dressed in traditional boubou, the sad face, presented himself early this morning, in the room of the flagrante delicto court in Louga. An already crowded room, with an impressive security device that had been set up to filter entrances and exits, as the mobilization of mainly women who came to support them was great.

The contributions were even filmed, the idea was to avoid exaggerations. Finally, the hearing will take place next week, May 5, 2022. Civil party lawyers really asked for time to review the files.

Of the six midwives, four were returned to prison. The other two, who had appeared free, were able to return home. The hospital staff who had come to support them then returned to the hospital to organize a protest that was sitting there.

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