the Malian navy confirms the edition of the pressure

The Malian army breaks its silence more than four days after the events in the village of Bounti in central Mali, where dozens of people lost their lives. Fama confirms that air strikes were carried out that day.

Strikes as part of a joint operation involving the Fama, the French Barkhane force and the G5 Sahel forces, which aimed to “neutralize the armed terrorist groups in the three border areas”, assures the Ministry of Defense, which supports the explanations given delivered earlier in the week by the Barkhane force.

The Malian Ministry of Defense describes the course of a operation performed with the French force Barkhane and those from the G5 Sahel in the area between Hombori and Douentza.

Sunday around kl. 11 discovered a surveillance mission “the grouping of about fifty people”, after which an armed motorcyclist showed up followed by a pickup.

Request for investigation

Around. 13 continues the text, members of Kabita Serma form three groups, which the army qualifies as a “group of fighters”. They then become a target: the joint operation Fama-Barkhane-G5 Sahel intervenes.

Surveillance footage in support of “the airstrikes carried out by a Mirage 2000” killed at least thirty people, the statement said. There was “no wedding scene, no children, no woman,” insists the Ministry of Defense, taking the opposite of the version created by the organization Tabital Pulakuu, which yesterday published a list of 18 victims.

Despite these clarifications, the National Commission on Human Rights calls for a “credible and independent” inquiry to be opened. In a press release released on Thursday, she expressed her “very deep concern”.

Aguibou Bouaré, President of CNDH


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