the logistical challenge for Céni


Ceni is working hard to organize Sunday’s by-elections, the presidential election and the legislative election. For Ceni, it is a real logistical challenge, especially for parts of the country that are in the red zone.

With our special correspondent in Ouagadougou, Carine Frenk

Céni has made Sports Palace its nerve center for logistics. Here, the 21155 material packages, including votes and reports, are stored and packaged for the 21155 polling stations across the country.

“We are packing the different kits to send them to the different polling stations,” describes Carole Gansoré, Céni’s administrator. In a kit, it is necessary to be able to vote, to be able to seal the various ballot boxes and to avoid fraud. There is also something to clean your hands, a banner, ink, pencils … ”

Transport the material to the red zone

The biggest difficulty is transporting all materials to the red zone. Newton Ahmed Barry, President of CENI, explains how they continue: “In this difficult part of the territory, the ferry service is by helicopter. When the material has been deposited in the municipality, the defense and security forces follow the material to the various polling stations with the election material. This is how it will work. And by the way: it’s on its way. “Due to uncertainty, the vote will not be organized in 15 municipalities.

To organize these elections, the budget was 90 billion CFA francs (13 million euros). And that is a huge logistical challenge. Newton Ahmed Barry confirms: “It is careful work because there must be no missing documents. Our challenge is that the polling stations open everywhere on November 22 at six o’clock.

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