the legislative body determines the duration of

The legislative body for the transition was adopted yesterday in plenary session on Wednesday 11 item chronogram which must enable a return to the constitutional order. It was expected, but the vote reserved a surprise: the duration of the transition was revised downwards.

as reported from Conakry, Matthias Raynal

Three votes against and one abstention. The overwhelming majority of council members gathered for the CNT’s plenary session finally chose the timetable that had been handed to them. With a shade. The duration of the transition has been revised slightly downwards: 36 months instead of the 39 proposed by the junta’s leader, Lieutenant Colonel Doumbouya.

Disagreements In turn, the rapporteurs for the various commissions in the transitional legislative body described the debates held by their Members earlier in the morning. Some would have liked to get out of the state of emergency more quickly. Others wondered about the procedure, the legitimacy of the CNT to only support the transition program.

The talks were still hastily convened. In a press release read on public television last night, the president of CNT announced that a plenary session would be held on Wednesday at the end of the afternoon. It lasted barely two hours. In the People’s Palace, behind the desks, there was occasional applause from the council in favor of the vote on the transition.

But dissenting voices were also heard. Only three council members voted against. The mood was sometimes tense, as when Mamadou Faza Baldéest left before the end of the session, after a heated exchange with the CNT chairman. He asked to speak and finally decided to leave the room because he could not speak. “The procedures that led to this plenary session were flawed from start to finish. We can not be called to committee work in the morning on such important issues. And at 4 pm we are told to go into a room to vote on a document whose contents we do not know! ”he teases.

Some counselors describe heated conversations in the morning as well.“The main thing for us was the need for a certain number of activities that are necessary for us if we want to succeed in this transition, but above all if we want to succeed in establishing open, free, indisputable elections,” explains Ibrahima Sorel Keita, President of CNT: s Foreign Affairs Committee.

G58 and FNDC reject schedule The main political parties gathered within G58 reject all transition schedules validated by the National Transitional Council (CNT) on Wednesday. The political class believes that the CNT has neither the privileges nor the legitimacy to determine the duration of the transition. The political parties in the G58 want the timetable for the transition to be adopted by mutual agreement with them.

“The CNT that we now give the power to decide has no such privilege. The CNT’s role is clear, it is to legislate instead of a national assembly. The way forward is an inclusive dialogue, which puts the CNRD around the table in front of the political class and social actors with The choice of duration is up to, under the terms of Article 77 of the Charter, to the CNRD and to the living forces of the nation who are none other than the political actors and civil society “, responds Joachim Millimono, in charge of communications by UFDG, signatory of G58.

In the evening, the FNDC announced that they rejected the duration of the transition and plan to organize demonstrations to make themselves heard.

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