the last strength of the candidates


Burkina Faso will vote this Sunday, November 22, for presidential and legislative elections. The campaign ends Friday night at midnight. And in the end, the 13 candidates for the highest office hit the sidewalk with especially the recent big meetings, one last chance to convince.

If the majority of the candidates were in the provinces for this last day of the campaign, President Roch Marc Christian Kaboré, who is seeking a second term, was in Ouagadougou. And it’s a real show of strength that got his party, the MPP, in a stadium on August 4 filled for the time being. Nearly 35,000 supporters, all dressed in orange, were present to listen to the outgoing president galvanize his troops. “Opponents give me zero, but I expect the people to be and we will then see who will be the first,” explained Roch Marc Christian Kaboré.

For his part, opposition leader Zéphirin Diabré was in Bobo-Dioulasso. The country’s second city represents more than 30% of voters with capital. Suffice it to say that these are two cities that will weigh heavily in the vote this Sunday. From the rostrum, the UPC candidate warned against possible fraud and against any hasty proclamation of results.

Election silence until Sunday’s vote

As for Eddie Komboïgo from the CDP, the former ruling party, he was in Dori in the Sahel region on Friday morning and then this afternoon in Ziniaré, the hometown of Blaise Compaoré. He said, according to a party official, that only the CDP can bring in the former president.

Another candidate in the campaign, Kadré Désiré Ouédraogo, former head of the ECOWAS Commission, was in Koudougou, west of the capital. Gilbert Noel Ouédraogo, from ADF / RDA, chose Ouahigouya in the north. Abdoulaye Soma was in Banfora, near the Ivorian border, and Tahirou Barry came to the Ouagadougou campus for a debate with the students.

And when the period of electoral silence begins, all attention will now be directed to Sunday’s vote. And if the ruling camp predicts a knockout, all opponents say it is simply impossible and that there will necessarily be a second round.

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■ A campaign without much enthusiasm

Some describe it as “gloomy”, others as “peaceful”. In any case, this campaign will not have aroused any special euphoria other than some large meetings. Due to lack of funds, most candidates chose a proximity campaign. “The country is going through very difficult times due to the terrorist attacks, we do not have the heart to party”, trusted the head of a small bistro.

Another striking fact: the rather polite and moderate tone of the candidates who, apart from a few pike, avoided participating in the game with personal attacks. In Burkina Faso, the electoral framework is unanimous, the issue is not questioned, the parties are present at Ceni and no candidate has been excluded.

If civil society condemns attempts to buy votes by distributing food or money, the campaign has nevertheless given rise to real debates on two main themes. First of all, uncertainty with this question: should we dialogue with jihadist groups? And then reconciliation with the return of former President Blaise Compaoré as a background. Other topics such as youth employment, housing or access to water were also discussed, but international relations or the future of the CFA franc did not give rise to discussions.


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