the junta maintains its election calendar, despite the opinion

Prime Minister Albert Ouédraogo presented to the political class the timetable for future elections that will put an end to the transition. A constitutional referendum is scheduled for the end of 2024 and general elections in February 2025. Following National Assizes, the transitional government, in power since the January coup, decided to agree 36 months before returning to constitutional order. A period considered necessary by the junta to bring peace to the country, but considered too long by ECOWAS, which calls for a more reasonable timetable.

Three days before a new ECOWAS summit, Burkinabe’s authorities will appear and sign. Their timetable has not changed, in the name of a return to safety. For Eddie Komboigo, former leader of the opposition before the coup, this project is coherent and should be supported.

“Our whole country would not be recaptured in a very short time. What we ask ECOWAS is to provide logistical and financial support, to follow the transition to achieve these goals. And the realization of the election will take place in an open, free and inclusive way. “

MPP, the People’s Movement, does not consider this to be progress. Former President Roch Marc Christian Kaboré’s party regrets that the political class was not associated with the development of the timetable.

“The junta has not evolved from its initial proposals,” said Lassané Sawadogo, MPP’s executive secretary. But we believe that we have all the interests of working close to ECOWAS. It is possible to reach an even more reasonable deadline if we have the opportunity to contribute to the development of this timetable.

A new ECOWAS summit will be held on 3 July in Accra. The case of Burkina Faso in particular will be studied there. The institution has already waved the threat of financial sanctions if the Burkinabe authorities do not present a reasonable timetable for a return to constitutional order.

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