the issue of dialogue with the jihadists continues to arise in Farabougou


In Mali, the situation is calm in Farabougou, a village in the center of the country, in the Ségou region, where the Malian special forces entered late last week after more than two weeks of jihadist blockade. On the spot, local notables had carried out a mediation with the jihadists who surrounded the village and who are still present in the surroundings. This mediation stopped with the arrival of the Malian forces, but the mediators nonetheless continue their efforts.

Direct contacts between the mediation team and the jihadist fighters have been suspended since the Malian soldiers gained a foothold in Farabougou. However, local elected officials, traditional leaders, and community and religious leaders in the area remain mobilized to achieve a final and peaceful solution to the situation.

Over the weekend, meetings were held between these actors from different localities in the area who decided on new proposals. In essence, according to several sources within this mediation, it is a matter of confirming the lifting of the blockade imposed by the jihadists. Despite the presence of Malian forces, the inhabitants of Farabougou still dare not leave the village.

It is also a matter of getting the stolen cattle heads back in exchange for a commitment from the traditional dozo hunters in Farabougou not to take up arms.

Encourage discussions

These proposals must now be sent to the jihadists, which turns out to be complicated due to the presence of Malian forces in the area who are apparently wary of them. But the transitional chairman, Colonel Assimi Goita, who personally visited Farabougou late last week, where he met with religious and customary leaders, explained that he wanted to promote discussions to find “a lasting solution to this crisis” described as “inter-community” “, Where the Malian army takes responsibility for the” terrorist threat “.

Over the weekend, the military did not report any casualties. The soldiers continue to protect Farabougou with in future the “logistical support” from Minusma, the UN mission in the country, which has contributed to the transport of troops.

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