the inhabitants of Farabougou were still monasteries at home for fear of the jihadists

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For more than a week, the village of Farabougou in the Ségou region has been cut off from the world surrounded by armed men banning entry. Mediation attempts have been made with local notables, but the inhabitants still remain the monastery at home.

“The army has already reached a village about ten kilometers from our village. They will come. “This Farabougou resident, who communicates from the outside thanks to his phone, wants to be confident, but he still does not dare leave the village. He fears the presence of” jihadists “- he points out the armed men who attacked Farabougou more than a week ago and has since prevented its residents from leaving. Villagers contacted by phone report at least six people killed and nine kidnapped last week.

According to the Prime Minister, however, the Malian army has carried out battles in recent days and set up air surveillance. “It’s deserted,” says this source, explaining that it is the impossibility of the road due to the rain that poses the greatest difficulty today in accessing Farabougou. A convoy was ready to bring food and money to the inhabitants.

Dozo hunters

Waiting, area remarkable – mayors, village leaders, communities and religious leaders – try to find a peaceful solution to the situation together. Dozo hunters would actually be tempted to take up arms, according to a local traditional chief.

Finally, several notables from the area explain that fear encourages many families from surrounding villages to seek refuge in more remote municipalities.


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