The increasing payment of subtle fit for human consumption oil

In recent days, Ivorian consumers have had the unpleasant surprise of seeing an increase in the price of refined edible oil from 12 to 17% depending on the brand. This is an increase in world palm oil prices. After discussions, the industry and the government have reached an agreement: the price increase has been suspended.

with our correspondent in Abidjan, Pierre Pinto

From 20,000 to 24,500 francs for a 25-liter can, from 1,450 to 1,700 francs for a one and a half liter bottle. In a country where oil is an essential component of the kitchen, the increase has not gone unnoticed.

Finally, the industrialists agree to suspend the increase and discuss in a technical committee, means to mitigate the effects of world prices.

“We have asked producers of refined table oil to suspend the decision (to continue) this increase from 1 January,” reassures Souleymane Diarrassouba, Minister of Trade and Industry. When the committee is set up, if the increase in international prices continues, there are various mechanisms that can be used, also on the government side, to be able to control the effects, the consequences of this increase in the market. purchasing power. “

Among the possible levers for the government: trade on the prices of refined oil in Ivory Coast. The retail price was also limited last year as part of the fight against the economic effects of Covid-19.

Consumer satisfaction

On the consumer side, the suspension of this increase is praised.

“We will not shy away from our joy,” said Jean-Baptiste Koffi, of the Confederation of Consumer Organizations in Côte d’Ivoire. Already because it was not won in advance. It required this general mobilization to achieve this result. When we go to the store and we are aware that it has not been done, we have mechanisms to contact the National Council for the Fight against High Cost of Living, the Directorate-General for Internal Trade, to return to them. this information and the inspectors will carry out their work ”.

Bread also almost saw its price increase due to an increase of 1000 CFA francs for 50 kg bag of flour. Some bakers announced a baguette price of 350 CFA francs instead of 150. The government got the mills to waive the increase in the flour price so far. The bakers therefore no longer have any reason to raise the price of bread, the minister assessed.

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