the government reaches out to the opposition

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As Côte d’Ivoire sinks into a pre-election crisis, the government appears to be easing slightly, particularly with regard to CEI, a consequence of ECOWAS mediation on 18 and 19 October.

as reported from Abidjan, Pierre Pinto

On Wednesday, October 21, after a meeting with political parties, but to which no heavyweight from the opposition surrendered, the government made some concessions, especially to the Electoral Commission.

Another chairman, that is, a fifth mandate given to the opposition within the CEI, the vice-presidency of the office of the Central Commission of the PDCI institution and the recomposition of the local election commissions: this the government has admitted an opposition that for several weeks has demanded a complete revision of the CEI and the Constitutional Council as well as a revision of the electoral roll.

Another move by the government: the possibility of an Ouattara-Bédié meeting is mentioned. In any case, the press release says “the availability of the head of state”. Finally, the government calls on the opposition to “immediately lift the slogan of civil disobedience”.

At present, the opposition has not responded to these proposals, but as early as Wednesday before the meeting, Pascal Affi N’guessan had stated that the opposition was only open to negotiations “within the framework of international facilitation”.

“The political opposition and the candidates Henri Konan Bédiéet Pascal Affi N’guessan can not attend a meeting chaired by any member of the Côte d’Ivoire government,” added the FPI candidate, who once again called for the opening of a transition after 31 October.

If the situation does not change …


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