the government meets the political parties and defends its stranglehold on the CNT

In Mali, three ministers met on Thursday, November 19, with the leaders of the country’s political parties to “contact” the political parties. This is to establish a dialogue between the government and the political class, while the latter accuses the military of having monopolized the future National Transitional Council … and has made it known.

“We did not deprive ourselves, we raised the issue!”: Kadiatou Coulibaly, a representative of the URD and a member of the M5-RFP coalition, says he condemned the lack of consultation and the allocation of seats within future National Transitional Council (CNT). “They said they would send to the presidency,” she says, “but I do not think they will change. We are not reassured. ”

Djiguiba Keita, he represented Parena: “They have taken the measure of the cry that all this has provoked”, the former minister appreciates. His party calls on the authorities to shut down the installation of CNT and not to put a soldier at the forefront: “They did not respond to the subject, but I have the impression that it could be developed.”

“We regret the process,” explains Youssouf Diawara of the Yelema Party in turn, “but they are in their role. We want to help, even if it has to be done outside the institutions for the transition. “

Demand for neutrality and avoid competition between the parties

Various positions, but all participants reported that the ministers present – the Minister of Territorial Administration, National Reconciliation and State Reconstruction – justified their methods for them.

The ministers considered that political parties involved were crucial for the following of the transition? However, their wish would be to maintain a certain neutrality during this period and to avoid competition between the parties within the transitional bodies.


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