the French Barkhane force was attacked on Monday

French forces in Operation Barkhane were attacked on Monday in northern Mali, 160 km south of the main northern city of Gao. It is a vehicle bomb used by the jihadists. French soldiers and Malian civilians were injured, suicide bombers were killed.

as reported from Bamako, Serge Daniel

On the outskirts of the Malian town of Gossi, the attack took place not far from the Anne-Marie Salomon pharmacy, named after a French nun who set up a health center on site to treat local people.

According to good sources, it was a vehicle loaded with explosives, driven by suspected jihadists, that hit a vehicle from the Barkhane force, part of a security patrol. Witnesses heard a loud noise.

French and Malian wounded

The French soldiers immediately responded to the ground with the support of Tigreet helicopters from Mirage2000. Suicide bombers have reportedly been killed. On the side of the French forces are found as well as on Malian civilians.

Near Gossi, 160 km south of Gao, Barkhane has a base that serves as a bridgehead in the fight against jihadists. The area has a border with Burkina Faso. Local populations live in insecurity. Recently, a wealthy merchant from Gossi was found murdered and two civilians traveling further north were killed by unidentified armed men.

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