the exorbitant costs of recent electoral processes pointed out in a report

The Electoral Commission’s general report on the final cycles of the election will be examined during this parliamentary session. CENI’s management of the electoral process had been widely criticized, as had the funds set aside to organize it. What does this report tell us?

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Between May 2018 and April 2019, following the preparation of the election dossier, Ceni received more than half a billion dollars to organize three elections, presidential election, legislative and provincial. Almost half of this amount would have been used to procure materials, including voting machines so decreed. According to the Ceni report, more than $ 100,000 has been spent. The unit cost would be around $ 1600 per. Machine and its bulletins. When reading the report, it is not clear how many machines can be reused for the next election.

The document also informs that the organization of staggered elections in Beni, Butembo and Yumbi had been billed more than $ 35 million to the state. The second expense that increases the budget by more than 27 million is the fire at a Céni warehouse in Kinshasa.

The Election Commission says it has already received $ 65 million for city, municipal and local elections that have not yet taken place, part of which, three million, has been allocated in preparation for a new revision of the electoral register.

CENI is concerned about the organization of these elections, which should make it possible to appoint almost 12,000 local elected representatives, and recommends a reduction in the number of municipal, urban and rural areas.

Among the other recommendations, the creation of a civil status and reduction of the number of votes and political parties.


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