the establishment of a Joint Commission of Inquiry after it

A joint commission of inquiry between Mali and Mauritania and joint patrols: these are the most important decisions at the end of the 48-hour stay in Mauritania for an important Malian mission, following the deaths of several civilian Mauritania on the border with Mali. Nouakchott held the Malian army responsible for the killings.

as reported from Bamako,Serge Daniel

As soon as it arrived in Mauritania, the Malian delegation went to its hotel located in the center of the capital. Quick framing meeting and guidance to Mauritania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs where the various interviews will take place.

Abdoulaye Diop, foreign minister and head of the Malian delegation, immediately wanted to ease the mood: “The Malian people are not the enemy of the Mauritanian people. The Mauritanian people are not the enemy of the Malian people. Our enemy is terrorism. “

Commission of Inquiry and Joint Patrols During the discussions in Nouakchott, each party gave its version of the recent disappearance of several Mauritanian civilians on the border between the two countries. “Our Malian national army is not involved in these incidents,” said Abdoulaye Diop of the Malian side. “It is true that there are contradictory versions. That is why this commission is being set up. This is to clarify the situation.

The Joint Commission of Inquiry will go out into the field, will conduct inquiries into the triumph of truth. In a previous case that led to the deaths of seven Mauritanian civilians, still on the border between the two countries, Mali also undertakes to make the results of an investigation available to its neighbor. And to build trust, Malian and Mauritanian soldiers will jointly organize patrols in the border area.

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