The crisis continues as the CDP takes the lead of the party

In Burkina Faso, the crisis continues in the Congress for Democracy and Progress (CDP), the party founded by former President Blaise Compaoré. Two tendencies contradict the party’s direction. The two men who disagree want the party’s leader since December, the date of the congress and its maintenance by a legal decision. A decision that would have benefited Eddie Komboigo, but could be questioned.

as reported from Ouagadougou,Yaya Boudani

Last month, no matter how popular it was, Blaise Compaoré, the CDP’s honorary president, had not decided between supporters of the so-called historic grand piano led by Achille Tapsoba and the stream of renovators led by Eddie Komboigo. A letter dated 21 June received by the various protagonists rekindled the crisis.

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According to Achille Tapsoba, the party’s vice president, this letter from Honorary President Blaise Compoaré is canceling the congress organized by Eddie Komboigo seven months earlier. This decision follows serious violations of party texts, leading to a crisis between the two camps, according to the letter attributed to Blaise Compaoré. “We believe that the Eighth Congress has not taken place and we are waiting for it to be convened in accordance with the statutory provisions,” said Achille Tapsoba.

The holding of the Eighth Congress in question While expressing doubts about the authenticity of this letter, which bears the signature of the Honorary President, Eddie Komboigo, the current President of the CDP indicates that the said letter does not mention the alleged violations. According to him, the eighth congress of the CDP was actually held in the presence of a bailiff after a court decision in December last year.

He adds that the leadership of the party formed at the end of the congress has repealed the provision giving Blaise Compaoré powers. “You can therefore no longer convene a party congress, as I told you at our meeting on May 24,” Komboigo insisted in his reply to the former Burkinabè president in exile.

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