the coordinator of FNDC, Foniké Mengué, arrested at his

In Guinea, Foniké Mengué, journalist and national coordinator of the National Front for the Defense of the Constitution (FNDC), was arrested on the night between Friday and Saturday, July 30, at his home by a group of hooded and armed soldiers, according to the FNDC.

Foniké Mengué was arrested in the middle of the night, around 2am, by the gendarmerie – the Bata, the army’s airborne troops – but also by the BRI, the anti-banditry and anti-terrorism unit. According to the FNDC, the Guinean journalist and activist was transferred to the headquarters of the Gendarmerie High Command in Kaloum at noon on Saturday after spending a few hours in the Kalia military camp.

Sekou Koundouno, head of the FNDC, condemns a “hostage-taking”. “There is no indication in a text that we can pick up a citizen in his bed around 1 a.m., he notes at the microphone on AXADLE. The president of the CNRD, Colonel Doumbouya, led yesterday [vendredi] a public safety meeting. He was very clear: suppress in blood all the dissonant voices so that he is the only master on board.

This arrest comes hours after the FNDC had announced at the request of the President of Cédéaola suspension of demonstrations for a week, to allow for dialogue. But this dialogue, which already promised to be difficult with the announcement of legal proceedings against FNDC leaders due to these anti-junta demonstrations, can be even more complicated. After the arrest of Foniké Mengué, the security forces blocked access to the FNDC headquarters, but also to the headquarters of two other opposition parties: the Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea (UFDG) and the Union of Republican Forces (UFR).

This Saturday, the National Front for the Defense of the Constitution calls for the “pure” release of its coordinator, while demanding his release, but also the satisfaction of our legitimate demands, which are formulated around the opening of a framework for dialogue to discuss all the issues that concern the nation, warns Sekou Koundouno. The junta is neither legal nor legitimate. They are not the emanation of the people of Guinea. We cannot allow a group of friends, rascals, friends, nephews and nieces to take our beautiful republic hostage and turn it into a monarchy.»

The Guinean security forces did not respond to requests from AXADLE following these events in Conakry.

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