the Constitutional Court docket confirms the 3

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The Constitutional Court validated the preliminary list of Cena, who approved only three duets for the presidential election. Tickets from the Democracy Party and the opposition platform were dismissed due to lack of sponsorship. Although the government maintains that Talon’s opponents guarantee pluralism, the opposition denies it and condemns a poster that the head of state wants.

as reported from Cotonou, Jean-Luc Aplogan

Neither Joël Aivo nor Reckya Madougou will run in the election. The court confirms the list of Cena who had fired the Democrats and the opposition platform due to lack of sponsorship

Eric Houndété, president of the Democratic Party, talks about a competition between Patrice Talon and his noise “We did not expect a miracle. We would have liked the Constitutional Court to make this election an exclusive choice. We have proven that the regime does not want competition. It’s a “Patrice Taloncre” choice of Patrice Talon. “

Among the bitter failures is the party of commitment and legacy. “We were promised a party, an inclusive election, and the Court declares only 3 candidacies,” regrets its president Nathanaël Koty. It is still unfortunate for our democracy. ”

The lawsuit against a locked competition against Patrice Talon, the government spokesman, challenges him. “There is no exclusion,” confirms Alain Orounla. It therefore retained three duos of candidates, which are largely sufficient to find the opening of this election and the democratic election offered to the voters in Benin ”.

Although the opposition declares that it will not allow its democracy to be removed, Cena rolls out the calendar, publishing the list this afternoon sent by the wise men.


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