The Church unites all political movements before

Seven months before the next legislative election, scheduled for January 8, 2023, the Beninese clergy organized a “transparent, inclusive and peaceful” vote in Cotonou on Friday, May 20. He invited all political actors. The outgoing parliament is monochromatic and the opposition has no elected members, as it was excluded from the 2019 vote, marked by deadly violence.


Movement, opposition, civil society, presidents of institutions … No one escaped the invitation of the Beninese clergy in the capital Cotonou. The Archbishop of Cotonou, Roger Houngbedji, whose words are rare, spoke at the opening of these meetings, rejoicing at the presence of such opposing camps:

“They spontaneously accepted our invitation, all parties together. All the events that we have experienced with violence, different differences of opinion at country level, have not at all contributed to real cohesion. We want to do our part, The church can not be apart of this democratic game. ”

The Beninese clergy, which had played a major role in the sovereign national conference in February 1990, do not want the violence that marked the 2019 parliamentary elections repeat yourself. During the debates, many participants, opponents and civil society, recommended an “inclusive legislative election”, a reference to 2019 when no opposition party could participate in the vote. Democrats call on the president Patrice Talon an open ballot and a transparent electoral process.

“We have to open the election game. As for the Democrats, when we are in place, a fundamental question comes back to us: will the head of state allow you to go to the polls? If the principle is accepted, we would like to be involved at all levels of leadership,” he said. Jean-Claude Kouagou, member of the party Les Démocrates.

Other voices have suggested that imprisoned political actors be released. Incidentally, the pastor of leaders and political figures, Father Yaovi Soédé, explains that it is necessary to maintain the dynamism of dialogue, exchange and listening between the parties, without specifying a timetable or future measures.

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