the call for peace from customary and traditional chiefs

This is a first: the usual and traditional leaders of all societies have decided to step aside in the face of the deteriorating security situation. Gathered in Ouagadougou, they demand a return to peace in the country. They also urged those who took up arms to lay them down.

as reported from Ouagadougou, Yaya Boudani

They were all there, the high customary and traditional chiefs. They said they were strongly challenged by the security situation and their message was launched in the main national languages ​​spoken in Burkina Faso. “Everyday life and living together are put to the test by insecurity and conflicts within and between society,” says Ouidi Naba. The usual and traditional chiefs of Burkina Faso note hate rhetoric and incitement to intolerance and violence conveyed through certain communication channels.

“Put down weapons, come to mind” The usual and traditional chiefs call on the authorities to intensify the fight for the recapture of those parts of the territory that are still out of state control.

“We, the usual and traditional chiefs of Burkina Faso, call on all the authorities in the country to concentrate their energy in the fight against terrorists. The recovery of the whole territory, Burkina’s daughters and sons who for various reasons have different visions or interests with the nation, weapons, to return to their senses and to their homes, so that together we can build our country in peace and quiet. ”

The leaders also urged their compatriots to cultivate and strengthen, among other things, unity, patriotism, tolerance, dialogue, social cohesion and national unity, and reiterated their availability and commitment to play their full part in the pursuit and preservation of peace.

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