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In Mali, the seven people accused of conspiring with the transitional authorities will have to wait a week until they know whether the trial against them is upheld or abandoned.

Seven people are affected by this procedure, including former Prime Minister Boubou Cissé, hiding somewhere in Mali, and radio colonist Ras Bath, who has been imprisoned for two months, as have four other co-defendants. The Bamako Court of Appeal was due to announce on Tuesday morning, February 23, whether or not it abandoned the procedure requested by the Advocate General last week … But surprisingly, this announcement was postponed to ‘one week.

It is not a simple adjournment: if the debate is adjourned until next Tuesday, it is to allow a new composition of the Court.

Defense attorneys explain: two magistrates as well as the lawyer representing the public prosecutor, who had requested last week against all expectations, the cancellation of the procedure and the release of the detainees were transferred to the Supreme Court. And therefore needs to be replaced.

Some of the defendants’ lawyers say they hope it’s just a matter of procedure.

Maître Cheick Oumar Tounkara, defending Vital Robert Diop, director of the Malian PMU, is more critical: “The indictment of the Advocate General, who had requested the cancellation of the procedure and the immediate release of our clients, was embarrassing. They simply preferred to get out of the file. This paves the way for the free hand of these invisible hands behind this case to choose their judges, their lawyer. In any case, there are invisible hands behind this file. It is inconceivable that a state intelligence service can blame the innocent for offenses of conspiracy against the transitional authorities on no basis! This folder is empty! “

In addition to Mr Diop, former Prime Minister Boubou Cissé, the former Secretary-General of President Sékou Traoré, but also the radio columnist Ras Bath, two senior public finance officials and the director of a state agency, are accused on the basis of the state security termination, the Malian intelligence services, of having tried to destabilize or even reduce the transitional regime. What everyone denies.

Boubacar Yalkoue is a spokesman for crisis unit set up by relatives of Ras Bath. He responds to this new twist.

Two new judges will come and reopen the debate […] Somewhere it is not clear. The issue is political, we have never stopped saying it, everyone knows it.

OK MALI _HIS MORNING – HIS lawyer hearing in the prosecution on “conspiracy against the state”


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