the ballot to elect RHDP branch council members

Tensions arose this weekend in Côte d’Ivoire, within the Rally of Houphouëtists for Democracy and Peace (RHDP). The ruling party elected its ward councilors, but the vote was marred by violence in several localities.

From our correspondent in Abidjan, Youn Gourlay

Séliki Zié Koné has just been elected secretary general of the department of Kouto, in the north-west of Côte d’Ivoire. But on Saturday, July 23, the ballot was marred by violence due to irregularities. Half of the 2,000 activists were not registered on the electoral roll, and according to the newly elected, thugs would have broken in to disrupt the vote.

“The polling station was crowded with people when at 9:00 the opponent personally returned with a horde of about thirty people, these people entered the polling station, seized the ballot boxes and smashed them”, says the Secretary General.

In Kouto, the charge seven is slightly injured due to the movements of the crowd. In other localities, such as Bouna in the northeast and Aboisso in the southeast, voting simply did not take place because of the tensions.

Séliki Zié Koné expects a reaction and firmness from the party leadership: “Why so much violence for a family election? Because in my opinion, the candidates believe, naively, that this election will determine the choice of candidates for the municipal elections that will take place in 2023. I hope that the party leadership will take action and make sure that the discipline is going to happen. and respect for the party is entrenched.

RHDP’s executive board will meet on Tuesday to take stock of the situation.

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