the army gives 14 days for the population to leave

Burkina Faso’s army will grant a period of 14 days to the population in two areas of military interest where all “human presence” is banned, in the north and east of the country, to combat deadly jihadist violence. The Higher National Defense Council (CSDN) decided to create these sites, one in the province of Soum bordering Mali (north) and the other including the protected reserve between Pama and W Park. (is)

as reported from Ouagadougou, Yaya Boudani

Populations in areas of military interest will have two weeks to leave these places, given that military operations against armed terrorist groups are imminent. These illegally occupied areas are the forests of the eastern and Sahel regions, remarked the operations manager for the National Theater.

As a prelude to the anti-jihadist operations, a humanitarian and security system will be put in place to receive the populations invited to leave these two areas, according to Lieutenant Colonel Yves Didier Bamouni: “We know that these areas are refuge for groups of armed terrorists. The humanitarian system is in place to receive these people.The security system is in place and reinforced to remove doubts about any infiltrations that may occur.

To reduce the mobility and operational capacity of armed groups, the circulation of several types of motorcycles and tri-carriers will be banned in several regions. Lieutenant Colonel Yves Didier Bamouni specifies that the governors will soon publish the provinces concerned. “As soon as this action is taken, the offenders will be exposed to the risks associated with military operations,” he said.

The head of the theater department emphasizes that those affected by all these measures will be informed in time so that they can take measures to adapt to them.

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