the armed forces avert an attack at the base of

In Burkina Faso, the armed forces repel an attack on the Bourzanga military unit, in the north-central region. Armed men attacked, on Saturday on a small scale, this unit located in a region where intrusion by armed groups often occurs. According to a report from the army’s general staff, about thirty terrorists were killed and five Burkinabè soldiers lost their lives.

as reported from Ouagadougou, Yaya Boudani

The attack took place on Saturday, May 21, around 5 a.m. “Coming in very large numbers and heavily equipped,” according to Army General Staff, the attackers tried to seize the Bourzanga military unit, in the north central region.

Another security source states that the attack was carried out by a hundred fighters from the Support Group for Islam and Muslims.

Faced with the response from Burkinabè soldiers who received support from the air force, the attackers had to withdraw.

A provisional report from staff reports that dozens of terrorists have been killed. Individual and collective weapons, some thirty motorcycles, means of communication, pickups and an armored vehicle used by the terrorists were found by Burkinabe’s armed forces. Several terrorists, including the wounded, tried to mix with the civilian population to escape, according to staff.

“The information about an attack on the department had already been launched for a few days. This allowed the soldiers to be more alert in the response,” says our source.

The Chief of the Armed Forces ‘General Staff praises the “soldiers’ heroic response” and congratulates them on “their courage and their professionalism”.

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