The African Union receives 270 million vaccines

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The African Union has received 270 million doses of anti-Covid vaccines to be distributed among the countries on the continent. 50 million doses will be available between April and June. They are purchased by AU from the laboratories Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson. These orders are not the only sources of supply to Africa, which also benefit from the Covax system launched by the WHO and from measures taken at state level.

This is a strong signal from the African Union: the continent is not waiting for global charity to get its doses of the anti-Covid vaccine. And intends to pick up supplies like the rest of the planet from larger labs. 270 million vaccines are purchased from Pfizer and AstratZeneca, among others.

But Africa is not giving up on the Covax initiative, launched by both the World Health Organization and the rich countries to promote equitable access for all countries to the vaccines developed in the world. Only the African Union fears that the available quantities between Covax between February and June will hardly be sufficient to vaccinate health workers.

Direct orders between states

But at the moment, the continent is hit by another wave much more deadly than the first and must go faster. These two vaccine access channels are not the only ones some countries do not hesitate to order directly.

Algeria thus bought the Russian vaccine Sputnik V. Morocco chose the product of AstraZeneca and especially the Chinese Sinopharm, part of which will be produced in a Moroccan factory. Senegal has finally just announced that this is also the case in discussion with Sinopharm to the first phase of its vaccination program.

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