Tensions in Dakar attributable to go back to curfew

Since Wednesday, January 6, Senegal has re-installed a new curfew from 6 p.m. 21 to kl. 5 in the Dakar and Thiès regions. On Wednesday, January 6, riots broke out in several districts of the capital. During a press conference attended by three members of the government, the interior minister explained on Thursday that he had quickly restored order.

From our Dakar correspondent, Thea Ollivier

Mother Thiam, a student, still remembers the riots he observed the night before in the medina district, in the heart of Dakar: “At. 21 we saw men coming out in front of the police. Police threw tear gas. They were all in the streets of Medina. It is not easy to get home at But I think it’s a health problem. The state will protect us. “

The day after these clashes, Interior Minister Antoine Félix Diome assured at a press conference that Senegalese from Dakar and the Thiès regions complied with the curfew. “There were a few demonstrations, but order returned after police interference,” he said.

Ahmed Camara was tired eyes, demonstrating until midnight the day before and making sure it was “warmed up” with the police. Owner of a fast food restaurant in the Medina district, he does not understand this measure taken by the authorities: “We demonstrated because we are tired of the curfew. We’re really tired. We work at night because we are the father of a family ”. Ahmed Camara is determined not to respect the curfew for the next few days.

On January 7, Senegal has 220 new cases of Covid-19, a total of 20,376 cases declared positive, including 438 that have died since the start of the pandemic.


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