Studio Shap Shap, a Nigerian band that instrumentalizes

Studio Shap Shap, behind this name hides one of the most original bands in West Africa. A group from Niamey, Niger, whose name means “quickly done well”. The five musicians have just released a new EP, “Le Monde moderne” and they are at a concert on Wednesday 27 April in Paris at L’Appart de La Villette.

At Studio Shap Shap, electro and traditional instruments meet in respect. Laetitia Cécile, alias Sakina, is very concerned about this: “The goal is really to hear the sound of douman and kindé, which are completely unique, of komssa as well. To also have the chance to see the musicians and discover these instruments as they do themselves, it’s still crazy!

Sometimes traditional instruments go almost as fast as machines, recognizes Christian Koulnodji, who plays nicely: “We actually like that! Our traditional rhythms are not in the speed of electro, but it adapts correctly, so we say to ourselves “ah yes, we just have to increase the speed what!”

Studio Shap Shap also lets you hear the sounds of life, thanks to this instrument by Sakina: “It’s my crachouillette! I have always loved music in the sounds of everyday life. Street vendors, birds that are only there. Children’s hand games for example, we try them and put them in! »

A new album is planned for October. Always “Shap Shap”, “quickly done well”.

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