Solidarity is organized online to support demonstrations

In Nigeria, the #EndSARS movement continues. In Lagos, young protesters have blocked the main road in the city for almost a week, holding a guard in memory of the victims of the police on Friday evening, October 16. In Abuja, protesters blocked the road to the airport that Friday despite the ban on demonstrations announced in the federal capital.

as reported from Lagos, Liza Fabbian

Although the movement still seems to be seeking its direction, young Nigerians now know they have the means to make their voices heard. The social networks that have carried their voice also allow them to coordinate support actions and collect donations. And it is women who are at the forefront of this solidarity movement.

When rain hit Lagos last Thursday, umbrellas and coats were quickly delivered to protesters.

Every day, distribution of water and food is organized at the mobilization sites. Binwe brought food to the crowd gathered in front of assembly gates in Lagos, north of the city.

“I work in the food industry. There we applied for funding and received support from people living in or outside Nigeria. From Texas, Canada or other states … and from here too. We want to help the demonstrators make sure that they have food and that they are in good shape to continue the movement, ”Binwe explains.

On the networks “the feminist coalition”, a platform set up by a dozen Nigerian women, centralizes and redistributes a large part of the donations. To date, nearly $ 200,000 has been raised in support of 154 demonstrations across Nigeria.

Dr Deleke, a 28-year-old woman, is sitting in an ambulance, parked among the crowds. “We say on Twitter where we need help, and one of the platforms that collects the donations, hires one and sends it to us. There is a lot of solidarity and there is always someone ready to help. It is magnificent, ”she rejoices.

Evidence of the echo of this movement on the web, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has repeatedly given his public support to Nigerian youth. He even unveiled a special emoji that was to accompany his claims: a raised fist in the colors of the Nigerian flag.