seven people charged with security breaches

The Malian Transitional Government claims to have prevented a coup attempt “on the night of May 11-12”, led by a “small group of Malian anti-progressive officers and non-commissioned officers”, “supported by a Western state”. Now we know more about the suspects.

According to legal sources, seven of them were presented on Tuesday 17 May in the afternoon before the court in municipality 6 in Bamako. loaded withundermines the internal security of the state and attempts to destabilizethey were placed under a security deposit.

The tallest of them is Colonel Amadou Keïta. Rapporteur of the National Transitional Council (CNT) Defense Commission, he is considered close to Colonel Malick Diaw, president of the CNT and a member of the junta who brought the current Malian president to power, Colonel Assimi Goita. The other defendants are lieutenant, lieutenant, sergeant major and adjutant for the infantry, military security or cavalry.

A member of the Coordination of Azawad Movements (CMA), the former rebels who signed the peace agreement in 2015, is also among the accused. A CMA spokesman says Baba Ahmed Ag Ahmeida was arrested on May 7, five days before the alleged coup attempt, and denies any involvement in a coup attempt.

France is accused of taking part in the maneuver. The Malian authorities have not provided any details on the actions of these seven suspects, accused in the government press release of wanting to “break the momentum of the restoration of Mali”. Bamako also points to the support of a Western country in this coup attempt. means France:

“We are not surprised. We were aware that the path we have taken is full of pitfalls and obstacles. We would do everything to prevent us and Mali from developing. Imperialism has several branches. First, they try on the political side, and if it does not work, they try with terrorists or rebels. We knew this would come. This is what everyone has heard: Today’s Mali is different from yesterday’s Mali. Today we have authorities guarding. The only country that said it would “isolating Mali is known to be France. The only country that said it would do anything to destabilize Mali was France. France is hiding behind this coup attempt.”

Together with RFI, French diplomatic sources formally deny all links.

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The opposition points to a growing concern at the heart of the Malian army. Malian security and legal sources believe the detainees expressed disagreement and some form of dissatisfaction with the conduct of military operations on the ground, as well as some changes in the hierarchy. One of these sources provokes a “purge” among dissenting voices in the army. Ismaël Sacko, chairman of the African Social Democratic Party, is one of the leaders of the framework that brings together the opposition parties to the junta in power. He believes that this announcement from the authorities above all masks a growing concern within the army.

“We have all the elements that show that command of the military chain is not respected and that it is not unanimous. This may explain a possible coup attempt to end a tyrannical and dictatorial regime. We have echoes according to which the chain of command is not well respected. Evidence of this is: they themselves accuse some comrades of fighting within them, which may also explain why Colonel Assimi Goïta preferred to entrust his security to Wagner, and that he himself, instead of taking up arms, prefers to bunker between the presidential palace and Kati. This does not calm down, says Ismaël Sacko.

The statement said there would be a foreign country at the base of this coup attempt. Why would there always be a foreign country behind every attempt that could destabilize their regime? Why do they not understand themselves that the majority of malians who are silent are not in tune with these authorities? And that even within their ranks there are people who do not share their way of leading?

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“No Malays can remain insensitive and inactive” Konimba Sidibé, chair of the Movement for a Common Destiny (Modec), sees this coup attempt as “a harbinger of a crisis”. Former minister and founder of M5, the movement from which the current prime minister comes, he was fired last month from the party’s strategic office due to disagreement with Choguel Maïga. “I condemn this attempt at destabilization with the utmost force, but it signifies a deep sense of illness that carries an equally deep political crisis in the country,” said Konimba Sidibé.

“I urge the Malian political class to meet immediately with the President of the Transition to examine the situation in depth and identify the necessary and useful measures to consider to stem the looming crisis and protect Mali, Malian women and Malians from very harmful consequences. It is a most patriotic duty, ”he concludes.

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