senior officers discharged from the army

In Niger, six officers have just been fired from the army. A note signed by the Defense Staff confirms this. The document raises serious and serious errors in the service. The military court accuses them of being involved in the alleged coup attempt on the night between March 30 and 31, 2021, the night before the inauguration of the new president Mohamed Bazoum.

as reported from Niamey, Moussa Kaka

It was by decree taken against the 6 officers, individually, that the Chief of the Defense Staff, General Salifou Modi, terminated their functions. The three colonels, the captain and the two lieutenants are all expelled from Niger’s armed forces.

According to army personnel, they are accused of serious misconduct in the service and against military discipline and it is a matter for the hierarchy to take disciplinary sanctions, without affecting legal proceedings, says a general officer.

The military tribunal accuses them of being involved in the alleged attempt to coup night between 30 and 31 March 2021 against the regime of Mahamadou Issoufou, 48 hours before the inauguration of the newly elected President Mohamed Bazoum.

At the time of the events of which they are accused, the three senior officers all had very high responsibilities in the military hierarchy: the first was commander of the Operations Office of the General Staff, the second was Commander of the No. 1 Defense of Tillabéri and the 3rd Commander of the 112 e interim combined weapons battalion of Dosso.

These are Captain Sani Gourouza(arrested in April 2021 in Benin) and a commander of the special forces, who tried to take the presidential palace. The attempt had failed due to the rapid reaction of the Presidential Guard.

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