Senegal wants to register “thiébou dieune” with Unesco

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Senegal is requesting the inclusion of the national dish, thiébou dieune (“rice with fish” in Wolof), in the intangible cultural world heritage of Unesco, in the same way as, for example, Italian pizza. The file was archived a few days ago.

Thiof (grouper), rice, carrots, cassava, bouillon cubes, onions and more or less pepper, this is the recipe that could soon be recognized as an intangible cultural heritage by Unesco, the United Nations Organization for Culture, Science and Education.

The idea goes back to last year, but it took a long time to simmer – knowing that for thiébou dieune itself it takes about two hours of cooking. The file was officially submitted by the Senegalese Department of Cultural Heritage, which is convinced that the famous rice with fish meets UNESCO criteria.

“Traditional and inclusive”

Thiébou dieune would thus be a “traditional, modern, vibrant, representative and inclusive” heritage in the sense that all generations and all communities in the country would have it in common … A single glance at the customers who sat in the taverns of Saint -Louis, Guédiawaye or Dakar, should be enough to convince UNESCO officials.

But beware of indigestion: Tunisia, Mauritania, Morocco and Algeria have also submitted an application for recognition … of couscous!

UNESCO’s response is not expected for several months.


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