security cooperation at the center of exchanges between

Benin wants to be attractive to investors. And also become a regional cultural center. But the country is confronted with terrorism in its northern part, on the border with Burkinabe. The collaboration is therefore also safe, and Patrice Talon knows what he wants.

With our special envoys in Cotonou, Amélie Tulet and Boris Vichith

Uninhibited conditions, Patrice Talon says so himself. On the forecourt of the Palais de la Marina exposed to the wind. Benin’s president apostates his French counterpart: “May France support us more in our efforts to fight terrorism. (..) Allow me to repeat myself. We did not win the case”.

It refers to a request for the supply of military equipment.

Paris supports Benin in terms of training and intelligence, but Patrice Talon wants drones.

“On the security level, we will be there”, assures the French president, “retrieval, demining, bulletproof vests, night vision helmets will be delivered shortly, assures Emmanuel Macron. For drones, we will go ahead to meet your request. »

Emmanuel Macron in Benin: “At the security level (…) we will be there to meet your request”

The French head of state reiterates, as he has done since the beginning of this Africa tour, that the Elysée wants to renovate the French presence on the continent to be a support, a support. He says he wants to attend a meeting of the Accra Initiative, this collaborative security organization launched in 2017.

Once again, the French president points to the example of Mali, from which France is withdrawing, Mali, where, according to him, the security response has not been accompanied by a political and developmental response.

Emmanuel Macron is going to Bissau tonight. Guinea-Bissau is the last leg of this trip for the French president on the African continent. Guinea-Bissau assumed the rotating presidency of ECOWAS, the West African regional organization, in early July.

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